Have you ever woken up with a niggle in your back? Gone to do a head-check while driving and noticed a twinge in your neck? What about hanging up washing and realising your shoulder is causing you grief? Well perhaps these new and unexplained aches and pains could stem from not getting enough movement in your weekly routine.

It’s well known that movement and exercise makes us feel good on the inside and out. Participating in regular physical activity stimulates your body to release chemicals called endorphins. These hormones act on the receptors in our brain, ultimately having the same effect as analgesics, giving us the perception of diminished pain.

You may have heard of that feeling known as ‘runner’s high.’ Well that euphoric sensation is a result of the body naturally altering its perception of pain following exercise.The reduction in pain can often be accompanied by a positive outlook on life, which may in turn motivate us to lace up those runner’s again and get back out there!

Once you’ve started to incorporate movement into your weekly routine, it’s only a matter of time until the physical benefits can be felt. You may notice more toned muscles, clothes may fit you like they did once-upon-a-time and that flight of stairs at work no longer results in a sweaty brow. Then there are the physical benefits of movement and exercise that you may not notice as much but are definitely still taking place. Any form of movement is going to help maintain healthy bones which is essential for avoiding early onset of osteoporosis, particularly in Women.

The combination of healthy muscles and bones gives us the best chance of optimising our balance. Whether you need balance to perform a particular sport or simply to prevent you from falling over while reaching down to tie your shoes, balance is an essential component of our health that movement allows us to maintain. Some other less noticeable physical benefits include:
Joint Health
Ligament Health
Increased energy levels

Incorporating more movement into our routine doesn’t just mean getting to the gym or going for that run. There are many ways we can get more movement in our daily routines, such as:
Breaking up long periods of sitting with movement every 30mins
Choosing to take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator
Parking a block away from work and walking the last bit
Having a walking meeting instead of a sit down catch up

So if you do notice any little niggles starting to creep into your daily activities, check in with one of our team to get on top of it early. Of if you would like to discuss the best way to start exercising we can help!

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