Do you sit staring at a computer most of your day? Do you experience neck or back pain at the end of it? Would you know if you’re work station is ergonomic or causing you discomfort?

According to the 2015 Australian Health Survey, the average adult spends approximately 22 hours per week sitting or traveling to and from work and a total of 39 hours of sedentary behaviour. When we’re focusing on something we tend to forget about how we are positioned until a part of body says ‘that’s enough!’ Then it lets you know about it. A fundamental principle of osteopathy is that structure governs function. This means the functioning of your body is dependent on your structure. Headaches, forward head carriage “turtle head”, RSI, shoulder and back pain are all common complaints from desk workers and these are only the symptoms you’re aware of.

We may be able to assist with your symptoms of desk posture and aid you with some information about ergonomic work stations or organise a visit to your home office or place of work to help minimise the effects your work environment is having on your posture. We can also provide you with information or products about sit – to – stand desks if you feel that may be of benefit for you.

  • Desk workers unknowingly hold uncomfortable positions for long periods,
  • This may result in many painful and unhealthy outcomes,
  • Regular massage maintenance and an adjusted posture may assist,
  • Avoid long-term hunches and slouches.
When your body is structurally better aligned you’re more efficient, sleep more soundly, have less “brain fog” and better internal workings. This leads to a happier you who can enjoy life more. Maybe then you’ll enjoy our quirky senses of humour more too!
Office Ergonomics Assesments

Charles Dickens knew what was going on. So did Ernest Hemmingway. Thomas Jefferson also saw the light. Instead of sitting at their desks all day creating wonderful works of literature or declaring independence they stood up, levelled their gazes at their typewriters and got the job done!

For the sake of your health and your employees, maybe you should too.

Prolonged periods of sitting have been linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes, a decrease in good cholesterol, reduced productivity and shorter lifespans. There’s an active conscious push towards health and wellbeing to be incorporated into the workplace and standing desks are part of this.

The Health Creation Centre now offers ergonomic assessments of office workplaces and designated home offices. We’ll perform the assessment and advise on how to –

  • improve the posture and health outcomes for yourself and your employees,
  • help employers avoid costly litigation and absenteeism,
  • improve productivity.
We cater for workplaces of all sizes and are available to carry out assessments at times convenient to your needs. If you would like more information, please call or email the clinic. This may be the beginning of healthier outcomes for yourself and your employees and increased productivity.
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