Chronic pain results in sufferers enduring reduced quality lives over long periods. This may lead to other physical and medical health complaints being exacerbated and sometimes to the development of mental health issues.

What starts out as a minor physical impairment may become debilitating if left untreated by professionals. So it’s best to address it sooner rather than later and avoid potential unnecessary and prolonged periods of pain and discomfort.

Sometimes there is a reason for chronic pain and sometimes there isn’t. At the Health Creation Centre, we aim to provide you with information and guidance to manage your chronic pain so you can live the best life you can. We are friendly faces who understand your difficulties and will support you along your journey. We know that everyone is an individual and will endeavour to empower you and find your best path forward.

  • We aim to give you a better understanding about chronic pain and how to appropriately manage your pain and condition,
  • We may be able to assist in relieving symptoms associated with complicated issues causing chronic pain in order to enhance quality of life,
  • Osteopathic treatment may be able to help with some of the symptoms associated with period pain such as back pain, bloat and headaches,
  • Encourage mobility and decrease overall pain to improve your quality of life.
Long-term pain is avoidable. Don’t tolerate it any more than you must. Contact the team at the Health Creation Centre to book an appointment and be reassured that a solution may exist for your chronic pain.
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