Babies and children are magical bundles of joy that cause a lot of angst, worry and frustration for parents every step of the way.

But the initial months and years have BIG changes, challenges and developmental progressions – from the trauma of birth, feeding difficulties, colic, reflux, bowel troubles, to rolling over, tummy time, vaccinations, crawling, walking, is your head spinning already?

All are triumphant milestones or causes of concerns for parents. Our Osteopath, Yolli, has a special interest in paediatrics, and can address areas of concern in relation to musculoskeletal restrictions or dysfunctions . Well into adulthood we’re here to help put your mind at ease. Our qualified staff are continuing to educate themselves on the most up to date research to best equip the treatment process and help parents learn for themselves.

No query is too small, or problem too big. No baby too young either as the trauma of birth can be just as traumatic on baby as it is on the mother if their entrance into the world was suctioned, forceps, cut out, back to front or upside down. So just like when you’ve been through an ordeal and your body feels out of whack, babies may need a tune up too! They just doesn’t speak your language yet and can’t tell you how they’re feeling. So if they are showing signs of not being able to move easily in both directions or symmetrically, or you feel they need an assessment we’re happy to assess your baby.

We can settle their little bodies, gently so they are in best alignment and equilibrium to thrive.
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