Do you want to improve your fitness and flexibility? Or increase your lean muscle mass? Do you like to work up a sweat whilst exercising? Or do you like to exercise but not feel like its hard work?

Pilates at the Health Creation Centre may be just what you’re looking for.

Pilates is a great way of keeping healthy and fit by improving spinal and core strength and stability. The way your body recruits and works muscles during a Pilates session will help your body during everyday life from picking your children up off the floor to bringing your groceries in, to even renovating your house.

Clinical Reformer Pilates

Clinical Reformer Pilates is a tailored, individualized form of Pilates to help you recover from your injury or instability in a safe, supportive way, under the watchful and experienced supervision of our Osteopathic Pilates instructors.

This style of Pilates is performed on machines known as reformers which use a carriage, springs, and body weight to leverage and target specific muscle recruitment with the exercises carefully chosen for your specific requirement.

Reformer Pilates

Can be one of the hardest workouts you’ll ever have! It’s amazing how difficult small movement, against body weight and minimal resistance can make you sweat and walk out of the class with wobbly legs. Don’t believe me – give it a go!

Pregnancy Reformer Pilates

Pregnancy, a wonderfully, exciting and daunting time!

With increased blood volume, shortness of breath, increasing belly size and an overload of information everywhere you look, you can be rest assured we’ve got you covered.

Our qualified pilates instructors will design a program for your needs, taking care that you and baby are safe and comfortable at all times. Targeting specific needs such as ensuring your arms are ready with strength and endurance for hours of cuddles; that your low back and (what’s left of your) core will support you when bending over the cot; and that your pelvic floor won’t let you down when sneezing or coughing.

It’s not too early or too late to start pilates during pregnancy with us.
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