Do you find yourself rubbing your back at work? Is your body letting you down during your exercise regime? Or are you just putting up with that odd feeling?

Osteopathy the best of all allied health worlds (in our osteo’s opinion).

Osteopathy is based on 4 fundamental principles of ‘body heal thy self’ and an Osteopath (osteo) just helps facilitate that.

Our osteo’s will discuss your health goals and what you’d like to achieve and will then devise a plan for you to take control of your health. Therapeutically, they use only hands-on manual techniques such as soft/deep tissue (just let us know if it’s too firm) mobilisation of joints, stretching of muscles to align the body and address any dysfunctions to empower you to participate in life.

Our osteo’s have also completed additional study in areas they are interested in and will discuss their other skills if they believe it will help you achieve your goals faster and better.

The details

Osteopath’s are nationally regulated by AHPRA along with all medical and other allied health professions and can be your primary Healthcare practitioner given 5 years at University including a master’s degree. We can claim their services with your private health insurance.

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