For many, the idea of sticking pins in your body provokes a wincing reaction even if the pins are in the next suburb! If this is you – take a deep breath and relax.

You’ll notice that dry needling is not the preferred torture method of Hollywood bad guys because, well… it tends to make you feel good!

Dry needling addresses pain and may optimise the body’s performance by specifically targeting irritated and immobile tissues. By resolving barriers that are contributing to pain or movement impairments, dry needling may assist in remedying many complaints and enable pain to dissipate. And – we promise not to use you as a pincushion.

Dry needling may be beneficial for a range of musculoskeletal problems. It’s a very effective and therapeutic procedure which is often incorporated into Osteopathic or Massage treatments. It is often used for stubborn, hard to reach spots or points that would be far more uncomfortable to massage out. Our caring staff are highly trained and very gentle when administering this procedure; they dry needle each other and Erin is known to needle herself, so rest assured all of us have experienced the needle point before and so we’re completely empathetic!

This technique may be of assistance with

  • Muscular knots and pain trigger points,
  • Reducing pain by inducing the twitching response which relieves stress,
  • Healing back and neck pain and sporting injuries.
So if you’re experiencing muscle cramps or tightness or can’t seem to relax off a stubborn muscle needling it could be helpful.
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