Remedial or Relaxation Massage

Have you ever wondered what the differences are between a relaxation and a remedial massage? Well I’m here to hopefully explain and identify which particular massage suits your needs at different times.

A relaxation massage is designed to promote a feeling of calm while giving your body the chance to catch up from the daily stresses of life. During a relaxation massage you will experience techniques such as long, slow flowing strokes which are designed to relax and soothe you. Your massage may be enhanced using essential oils, warm towels and relaxing music. Individual pressure varies according to needs, but never to the point of pain.

Remedial massage is known to be one of the most popular types of massage treatment. This particular treatment addresses the body as a whole to ease out injuries, aches and pains that many people unfortunately suffer at some point in their life whether it be from sport, posture or just day to day activity. It uses a combination of specific techniques to find restrictions and promote healing to encourage and improve the body’s own repair mechanisms. Remedial massage techniques can vary in terms of pressure, which is determined by individual needs and preferences.

Remedial massage may help to remove toxins and stimulate blood circulation, improving the overall health of stressed tissues and joints. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress.

So, remedial or relaxation? Both forms have great healing qualities and overall holistic benefits. If you are experiencing acute pain or injury – remedial massage may be for you! Needing a break from the everyday? Or, a quiet space to unwind – then go for a relaxation massage. Finding the right therapist for you will ensure your individual needs and wants are met.

So, if you feel the aches and stresses of day to day life is giving you a pain in the neck, back, shoulders, why not give a massage a go? The benefits are amazing and your body as well as your mind will thank you. The Health Creation Centre in Ocean Grove has three qualified Massage therapists ready to help ease the pain, whichever massage you’re looking for!