Jacqui Dinneen Massage Therapist

Jacqui utilises a range of techniques during her remedial massage treatments depending on what is best suited to each individual, including soft & deep tissue work, dry needling, myofascial release, mobility techniques, cupping, and advice for at-home care to ensure ongoing benefits outside the treatment room. This combination allows her patients to continue their recovery journey beyond the treatment room.

As a practicing yogi, Jacqui brings a calming presence to her treatments, and uses a holistic approach when looking at causative factors in a patient’s physical complaints. Jacqui has a strong interest in the body’s stress responses and enjoys helping clients find the tools they need to manage the associated physical tension that stems from emotional stress.

When not treating in clinic, Jacqui loves to explore the Bellarine Peninsula with her fur baby, as they explore it’s beautiful surroundings. With this in mind, she has a strong belief in maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle and loves to assist her clients to do the same.

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