Pregnancy can be simultaneously the most beautiful and dreadfully uncomfortable period in a woman’s life. In fact, 50-80% of women report experiencing significant back pain during pregnancy. Studies have also demonstrated the long-term consequences of pregnancy-related pelvic-girdle and back pain – in some cases, affecting women for several years after giving birth.
It should come as no surprise that a woman’s body changes dramatically during pregnancy, all in order to accommodate a growing foetus. Postural changes and weight gain are obvious; less obvious however, are the effects of hormonal ligament softening – with the added pressure of teeny-tiny feet jammed in between your ribs. All culminating in additional pressure on already stressed muscles and joints.
Osteopaths treat the body as a whole – understanding the important relationship between the structure of the body and the way it functions. Treatment during pregnancy is no different. Osteopathic treatment aims to assist the body in adapting to pregnancy-related changes, using safe and efficient techniques. Treatment focused on ensuring optimal pelvic and lower back mechanics are essential in assisting your body in it’s natural ability to change and support you and your baby throughout all stages of pregnancy.
Recent studies have demonstrated the efficacy of osteopathic treatment during pregnancy. When combined with education and exercise, osteopathic treatment has been shown to halt and prevent worsening of pregnancy-related pelvic and lower back pain. Osteopaths are also able to work within your larger pregnancy-healthcare network, liasing with GP’s, midwives, pelvic floor physio’s and pain physicians.
But wait, osteopathic care doesn’t end once baby has arrived! Once your GP gives the all clear, treatment can help to restore and maintain optimal pelvic mechanics post-birth, as well as alleviating the new aches and pains that come with breastfeeding posture, lifting and holding baby and awkwardly maneuvering car capsule and prams.
So, come and see us at the Health Creation Centre – no matter what stage of pregnancy or early motherhood!

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