Massage away the winter blues

During the dark and cold months, it comes as no surprise that we feel the need to stay in bed, shut away from the world, snuggle up and wait for Spring to arrive. The winter blues can set in as we feel generally unwell and unproductive as the daylit hours become shorter and the nights colder and longer. So, short of hibernating for six months, what can we do? How about a massage?!

Massage can boost blood circulation, rejuvenating uncomfortable and achy muscles – helping us get up and out into the world. Massage has also been shown to assist in the release of serotonin and endorphin – the same chemicals that our bodies produce when the sun is shining.

Another concern during the winter months is the potential for getting sick – as bugs spread in the office, at school and on public transport. We want our immune system to be in the best shape possible to fight the infections going around. The good news is that a massage can actually increase the effectiveness of your immune system, which in turn helps your body fight off sickness.

Before you reach for the cold and flu tablets this winter – consider a massage! The cells in your body that tackle infections like to live in the lymphatic system – in particular, the lymph nodes. Sometimes, they can be reluctant to come out and fight off the invading bacteria and need a little persuasion. A gentle massage of the area around the lymph nodes increases blood flow and encourages white blood cells to leave and get to work.

So, if you have been feeling the ‘winter blues’ do your body a favour and book in for a remedial or relaxation massage today at the Health Creation Centre.