• What can I expect when I arrive?

    The body heals best when it’s relaxed.  To promote a relaxed state we provide a welcoming, calm and soothing experience for our clients from the moment they arrive to their time of departure.  Our friendly staff will greet you and kindly ask that you take a seat until your therapist calls you in.  During these peaceful moments, please leaf through a magazine, chillax to the music and draw in the soft lavender or sandalwood incense.

  • What will happen at my initial consultation?

    In order to assist you it’s vital we understand your history and complaint or condition.  Accordingly, at your first appointment we’ll ask you to complete a Health Form to supply these details so we may proceed to undertake the best course of treatment for your circumstances.  We will also need you to sign a consent form after you’ve discussed any queries with your therapist which will then allow treatment to take place.

  • What can I expect from an Osteopath treatment?

    You’ll be asked into a treatment room where your therapist will ask you some questions about your Health Form and your current reason as to why you are visiting today, asking for clarification or more details, this enables the therapist to tailor the treatment to your individual needs. An assessment of your posture and movement will take place, along with any tests needed to confirm an initial diagnosis. Our Osteopath’s have many tools to assist your body in healing and you will experience many of them during a treatment; soft tissue massage, counter-strain, muscle energy technique (MET), manipulation (HVLA), dry needling, articulation, cranial, myofascial release, visceral.

  • What’s the difference between Osteopathy, Chiro and Physio?

    The Health Creation Centre offers a range of modalities that may offer relief for a variety of complaints and conditions.  While we are confident of the ones we practice which are listed in the Services section of this site, we are not qualified to address questions about other modalities such as Chiro and Physio.

  • Should I see an Osteopath or have a massage?

    This one is often tricky and we are very happy to discuss your particular needs.  If you haven’t had a treatment for a long time or are feeling tight a massage may be a good place to start.  A soothing massage will often provide the relaxation required to ease taut muscles and relax the mind.  Often our massage therapists will detect an underlying issue which may be more effectively treated by an osteopath at the clinic.  Their more holistic view may provide additional beneficial results for you.

  • What if I can’t make my appointment?

    At 8am on the day prior to your appointment a text message will be sent to remind you we are expecting you the following day.  Please respond “Yes” to this if you are still planning to come.  If something else has come up that needs your attention at the time of the appointment please call as soon as possible so we can arrange another time to address your needs.

    If you cancel within 12 hours of your appointment time you may receive an account fee as we may not have time to fill the appointment.

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